Black theatre, performances created and performed by African–Americans, is the most successful outlet for ideas, arts and entertainment by the community for the community.

The documentary, A Movement: The Black Theatre Project, will focus on issues and disrupters Black theatre addresses such as Black Lives Matter, sexism, identity and more.

To tell that story, our team will document the Black Theatre experience from America's infancy to the Black Arts Movement of the '60 to the groundbreaking performances in contemporary times that continues to influence creators from Broadway to Hollywood. 

Today, Black theatre is facing obstacles in a world where companies that once numbered in the hundreds throughout the nation have now dwindled to a handful.

Some critics blame the shrinking space for Black expression on recent endowment cuts, smaller audience attendance because of competing distractions and a talent drain on more lucrative platforms.

​But, the future of Black theatre is still bright with writers, actors and producers who have created opportunities for themselves and aligned with allies to tell new, diverse stories of Blacks in America to present to an equally diverse audience.

We will tell the story of the resolve of the creators of Black Theatre.